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Vendor Information

Each potential vendor must be approved by the related committee before you are accepted to sell at the market.

We are currently only accepting applications for local agriculture products for our 2014 Season.
Please email for more information.
  • Membership per calendar year is $35.
  • Space rent is $40 a day for each 10x10 space in our Downtown Market
    Click here for the interactive market map
  • You must have a Washington State Business License, and applicable license and insurance certificates unless told otherwise.
  • The spaces are 10'x10'. You are not required to come every weekend, but you are required to book in and out as applicable with market staff.

With questions concerning eligibility please contact the appropriate committee for your product. The Vancouver Farmers Market has numerous vendor categories, find out which one you fit into here.

Agriculture Committee Chair: Rachel Reister

Food Committee Chair: Joycelyn Kelly

Artisan Committee Chair: Marianne Wilson Stein


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